Sterlights 222 Entry Gate

Sterlights 222 Entry Gate
An effective sanitization program should include multiple layers of protection. Sterlights 222 Entry Gate provides the first line of defense in reducing microbes on clothing and personal belongings as people enter a space…

Hand Sanitizer

Save water, soap, disinfection gel etc – Environmental Friendly
The Hand Sanitation device comes with a 120W  lamp and is great for use in public spaces. It is a  great replacement for wet hand sanitation and  sanitises in 8-10 seconds…

UVC disinfection station

Link to mobilephone cleaning
360 degree UVC disinfection station for daily personal  equipment such as phones, tablets,  cards, passports, name  badges, pens etc…

Excimer Lamps

STERLIGHTS 222nm Excimer Lamps
Our plug&play Far-UVC lamps easily installed on the wall or ceiling of any space. Includes a timer, advance IR motion sensor and a remote control. Available in outputs of 5W, 15W and 20W.

Tote bag

Keeping frequently touched household items and commonly used personal effects sanitary is more important than ever.

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